Open Science Resources

Open science refers to an opening up of the entire scientific process, including practices such as open access to research results (publications, data, protocols, software, etc.), open peer review, open educational resources, the promotion of citizen science and the development of new ways of research assessment.

Aligned with the current scientific policy, IPHES-CERCA is committed to the implementation of Open Science practices, contributing to the development of new procedures, and offering tools, resources, specific training and new skills to its staff.

Thus, since the beginning of 2022, in the context of its accreditation as a María de Maeztu Unit Excellence Centre, an Open Data implementation plan is being carried out to improve open access and reuse of research results and data generated by IPHES-CERCA projects.

The IPHES-CERCA Open Data approach seeks the involvement of their researchers and technicians, in a bottom-up implementation process oriented to create specific resources for action.

This is based on the creation of an Open Science Working Group (OSWG), composed by representatives of all IPHES-CERCA Research Groups and a specific hired data steward. The OSWG boost open science and open data practices by providing the development of specific processes and tools for the IPHES-CERCA research data management under FAIR requirements, which have led to develop concatenately: (1) drafting and setting up Data Management Plans (DMP) of specific projects and fellowships to guarantee compilation, preservation, and dissemination of the data. A specific DMP template of IPHES-CERCA, based on the EU, is available to researchers; (2) promoting the creation and fostering the deposit of datasets of funded projects in the IPHES-CERCA institutional repository CORA.RDR hosted by the CSUC and recommending specialized trusted ones; (3) developing an own disciplinary Thesaurus, a controlled vocabulary of IPHES-CERCA archaeological standard metadata and (4) drafting an IPHES-CERCA Open Data Management policy.