IPHES, as a reference in the study area of Human Paleoecology, thanks to the different research projects of the center (OSIC, MCIU…), aims to disseminate knowledge acquired from the results of the research itself. This gets materialized in the production of a catalog of exhibitions, workshops and demonstrations targeted at a general public and schools, made by Miquel Guardiola, with whom you can contact at info@iphes.cat for further information, catalogs and / or price rates.

Our dissemination activities include:
- IPHES-produced mobile exhibitions throughout the country
- Attendance at fairs and markets
- Television documentaries
- Editing and publishing advice
- Lectures, talks, and curated exhibitions by different members of the Institute


Our website, www.evoluciona.org, focuses on the teaching of human evolution and prehistory through socialization programmes and non-formal education, and provides further information about our activities.