As part of its mission, the IPHES aims to inform the public about the research being conducted by its scientists in the fields of prehistory and human evolution. The institute organizes or participates in several outreach activities throughout the year, with special emphasis on school-aged children to promote interest in the pursuit of science as a career, as well as to help citizens understand the importance of research and make informed decisions about scientific issues.
In addition, outreach activities provide value for vital research projects because the communication of science to the public is part of the responsibility of a scientist, as defined in the European Charter for Researchers: “Researchers should ensure that their research activities are made known to society at large in such a way that they can be understood by non-specialists, thereby improving the public’s understanding of science. Direct engagement with the public will help researchers to better understand public interest in priorities for science and technology and also the public’s concerns.”

Our outreach activities include:
- Dissemination
- Science education
- Science communication

These outreach activities are coordinated by the IPHES Project and Transfer Unit with the direct collaboration of our researchers.