Scientific Advisory Board

The IPHES research team collaborates with the Scientific Advisory Board, which consists of six world-leading scientists.
Its goals include:

  • To evaluate the IPHES’ results. The findings of these evaluations condition future IPHES action plans.
  • To complete the Institute’s knowledge and vision in scientific fields that lack research resources.
  • To guarantee a trans-disciplinary approach to research and a global scientific vision of all studies undertaken.
  • To coordinate committees and task forces and encourage the attainment of specific research objectives.
  • To extend a network of knowledge in different scientific realms and geographical areas of influence.
Dr. David Lordkipanidze

Dr. David Lordkipanidze
Director of the Georgian State Museum

Dr. Anne Delagnes
Director of PACEA - Université de Bordeaux

Dr. Erella Hovers
Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

Dr. Leonor Peña
OPIS Scientific Researcher. Institute of History.
Departament of Archaeology and Social Processes (CSIC)

Antonio Rosas

Dr. Antonio Rosas
CSIC Professor and Director of the Paleoanthropological
Group of National Museum of Natural Sciences of Madrid