Steering Committee

The María de Maeztu Steering Committee (MMSC) will be responsible for supervising and monitoring the development of the "María de Maeztu" research programme.

The MMSC at IPHES is composed by the IPHES Director (Dr. Robert Sala), IPHES research director (Dr. Xosé Pedro Rodríguez), the IPHES group leaders (Dr. Ethel Allué, Dr. Andreu Ollé, Dr. Hugues Blain), 5 guarantees of the María de Maeztu program (Dr. Marina Mosquera, Dr. Jordi Agustí, Dr. Francesc Burjachs, Dr. Florent Rivals, Dr. Manuel Vaquero), 3 researchers from the IPHES staff (Dr. Palmira Saladié, Dr. Deborah Barsky, Dr. Marina Lozano) the IPHES Project Manager (Mr. Bernat Sentís), the IPHES responsible for Transfer Knowledge (Mrs. Marta Fontanals), the IPHES responsible of Scientific & technical services (Dr. Isabel Expósito), and the IPHES Career Development Officer (Dr. Ignasi Pastó).