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Recruitment process

IPHES, following the HR Excellence in Research, is committed to transparency and equal opportunities in all its processes. We are pleased to consider all qualified candidates for the job regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or any other basis protected by state or local law applicable.

You can download the complete IPHES’s Recruitment Procedure for Researchers.

As a summary of the procedure, the stages of recruitment are as follows:

1. Job announcement

• The maximum publicity will be given to the announcement of vacancy. The usual sources of recruitment for research staff are: 

  • IPHES Web
  • Social Networks: Twitter, Facebook
  • IPHES Information panel
  • Dissemination via e-mail to specific contacts linked to the world of research and the university

• Generally, job adverts are published for three weeks, unless there are other requirements from the recruitment process owner.

2. Constitution of the Selection and Evaluation Committee

  • The Committee must be gender-balanced and will be composed by several members depending on the place to be offer and the rules of the financing body.
  • The members of the Selection and Evaluation Committee will consider the requirements of the European Charter of Excellence in HRS4R, and the EU Code of Conduct for Researcher Recruitment.

3. Interview phases

• In general, the process consists of an interview to be conducted by evaluation and selection committee.

• Interviews may be conducted in person or online. It is recommended that candidates have 30 minutes to introduce themselves, about 15 minutes to present their curricular merits and another 15 minutes to describe how their professional experience coincides with the requirements of the position.

4. Hiring

• HR starts the hiring process by contacting the successful candidate for their personal data.

5. Applications not accepted

• All the candidates who took part in the interview phase will be contacted by phone or e-mail to confirm the outcome of the recruitment process.

• Throughout the recruitment process, candidates are able to contact HR if they want to enquire about the status of the recruitment process.

6. Data protection

All information is handled with due confidentiality and only for the purpose mentioned, and will be made available to the members of the recruitment committee in so far as they are necessary for the management of the process.