Multi-scale Microscopy for Archaeology

KTS Microscopy

Services offered:

CONFOCAL MICROSCOPY - Sensofar S Neox 3D optical profilometer

• Sample observation in a confocal microscope.
• Obtaining confocal microscopy images (single and stitching) and 3D. plux files.
• Obtaining ISO variables.
• Obtaining measurements (profiles, distances, etc..).

3D DIGITAL MICROSCOPY - Hirox KH8700 3D digital microscope

• Observation of samples in a 3D digital microscope.
• Obtaining 3D digital microscopy images (single and stitching).
• Obtaining 3D files.
• Obtaining measurements (profiles, distances, etc.)

OPTICAL MICROSOCOPY - ZEISS Aixoscope A1 metallographic microscope

• Observation of samples in an optical microscope of reflected light.
• Brightfield, darkfield, C-DIC (Circular Differential Interference Contrast). Metallographic.
• Specialized software for assembling photographs.


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