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Javier Fernández-López de Pablo, researcher of the IPHES, awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant 2015

 Javier Fernández-López de Pablo, researcher of the Catalan Institute of Human Palaeoecology and Social Evolution (IPHES), has been awarded a  ERC Consolidator Grant to develop a 5-year research project entitled “Late Glacial and Postglacial Population History and Cultural Transmission in Iberia 15,000-8,000 cal BP” (PALEODEM).


Javier Fernández López de Pablo (PI, first on the left) with other PALEODEM team members and scientific collaborators: Antoni Canals, Ethel Allué, Smantha Jones, Luce Prignano, Sergi Lozano, Magdalena Gómez and Francesc Burjachs.

This project aims to reconstruct population dynamics  between the Late Magdalenian and the Late Mesolithic (between 15,000 and 8,000 years ago) in the Iberian Peninsula, a period that witnessed major climatic and environmental transformations whose impact on human demography still remain unknown. PALEODEM project will compare different palaeodemographic indicators with multi-proxy palaeoenvironmental reconstructions to understand how climate change affected relative population levels at local, regional and macro-regional scales. Finally, the Project will introduce network analysis and computational Agent Based Modelling to study how long-term changes in population density and connectivity influenced cultural transmission and cultural change.

In the European Research Area, the ERC Consolidator Grant is the top funding scheme supporting recognized researchers (7 to 12 years after their PhD) to consolidate their own independent research team or programme.