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Unit Coordinator: Dr. Ethel Allué

The Archaeobotany Unit is focused on different issues regarding Pleistocene and Holocene vegetal records of natural and archaeological origin in the Mediterranean and Asia. At present, we develop research on Palynology and Anthracology (charcoal analyses). The aim of the research is related to past climate changes, vegetation evolution and transformation, and plants and humans' interactions through the following research lines:

  1. Climate and vegetation changes using high resolution records and the study of anthropogenic impact in relation to landscape transformations and cultural changes.
  2. Plant and human interactions regarding the use of plant materials for different purposes and the modification of the vegetation cover due to anthropogenic activities.
  3. Fuel Energy as a key issue regarding the study of human evolution (
  4. Fire and wood technology in relation to plant resources associated to technology, subsistence and socialization of past human groups.
  5. Taphonomy for the study of the formation processes of the archaeobotanical assemblages on the basis of the study of Non-Pollen Palynomorphs, vegetal elements in dung and charcoal taphonomy.