Robledo, Andrés



Sponsor: MSCA-COFUND-2020


I started in January 2023 as MSCA-COFUND-R2STAIR 2020 fellow. My project is called “Fuel emissions: the study of light, heat and air quality in prehistoric dwellings (FLAHME)” in the research line of Anthracology, under the supervision of Ethel Allué.

I am an anthropologist specialized in hunter gatherer archaeology and archaeobotany. My previous research has been focused on the study of South American Holocene hunter gatherer societies from a perspective of archaeobotany (anthracology) and landscape archaeology. I was an assistant professor at National University of Córdoba (Argentina) in archaeology of hunter gatherer and had a PhD and a Posdoctorate fellowship granted by CONICET. Across my research, collaborations with colleagues has always helped me to work in different fields of study (lithic technology, chronology, zooarchaeology, pottery technology, remote sensing analysis and 3D modelling). In addition, I have begun to apply remote sensing to provide a more complex point of view in the relationship of human activities with different types of dwelling through time and a changing landscape.

For my project at IPHEs I planned to develop an innovative approach to the study of wellbeing of prehistoric human groups regarding the use of fire as a central activity for daily purposes. This research will explore the exposure of humans to by-products of burning through the implementation of experimental fires in open, semi-open (rockshelters) and enclosed (huts and houses) dwellings inhabited by people in the past.


To date my top five publications are:

1. Cattáneo R., A. Robledo, M. Martinelli, C. Brizuela, A. Izeta (2022). Late Holocene triangular lithic projectile points, their morphometric variability and hafting systems in the Southern Pampean Hills (Córdoba, Argentina). Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, vol 42, 103359. DOI:

2. Robledo A. (2021). Wood resource exploitation by Late Holocene occupations in central Argentina: Fire making in rockshelters of the Ongamira valley (Córdoba, Argentina). Quaternary International Vol.

593-594, pp: 284-294. DOI:

3. Robledo A.& L. Gasparotti (2021). La tecnología cerámica en ocupaciones del Holoceno Tardío (ca. 1900 años AP) en el valle de Ongamira (Córdoba, Argentina). En Relaciones de la Sociedad Argentina de Antropología 46 (1).

4.Mignino, J., Robledo, A., Manzano García, J., Weihmüller, M. P., Brizuela, C., & Costa, T. (2022). Estructura del paisaje y sus implicancias en la tafonomía de restos presa contenidos en egagrópilas de Athene cunicularia: un estudio de caso desde el Chaco Seco, Córdoba. Revista Del Museo De Antropología, 15(3), 309–327.

5. Robledo A. (2016). Anthropological studies in the combustion spaces of the Alero Deodoro Roca - Ongamira (Córdoba). South American Archeology Series 25. ISBN9781784913441. 166 p.