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The Photography Unit has a comprehensive range of photographic equipment, including four Nikon reflex cameras (three full-frame DSLRs and one APS-C size), three Nikon and Panasonic compact cameras, and one GoPro Hero 3, to document the archaeological and paleontological materials available at IPHES and for fieldwork follow-up. The reflex cameras are paired with a versatile selection of lenses, including six macro lenses, three telephoto lenses, and one wide-angle lens. Additionally, the set includes two Manfrotto tripods and two Nikon flashes.

For tabletop photography, a 'copy stand' or camera support is provided, along with two continuous light sources to enhance the photographic process.

A computer equipped with dual screens is available for photo processing, running on the Windows operating system with 64 GB of RAM. Furthermore, the service includes licenses for capture, editing, and organisation, such as DigiCam Control and the Adobe Pack (Photoshop, Bridge, Camera Raw, Lightroom, Illustrator).