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Unit Coordinator: Dr. Marina Lozano

The Palaeoanthropology Unit of the IPHES is devoted to the study of Pleistocene and Holocene human remains. We are involved in the anthropological study of the fossils recovered at several sites, including the human remains of the archaeological site of Atapuerca, among others. We are developing our work focused on two specific research lines:

Morphological and evolutionary analysis of hominin anatomy:
- Three-dimensional and morphometric analysis of fossil remains by means of CT and surface scanner.
- Anatomical and biomechanical analysis of the hominin hand.

Oral pathologies and dental microwear:
- Determination of oral and dental pathologies of past populations.
- Diet determination through the study of dental microwear.
- Cultural dental wear: the use of teeth as a tool or as a third hand was a frequent habit in past populations. The study of this type of dental wear allows us to understand some cultural practices of prehistoric human groups.