Micó Sanchis, Cristian

PhD Student


Sponsor: FPI Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades Grant


After graduating in Heritage Studies in the GMIT (Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology) in 2017, I obtained my Master’s degree in Human Evolution from the University of Burgos (UB) in 2018. My master’s thesis (TFM) was focused on anatomic, taxonomic and taphonomic analysis, as well as the interpretation of a Late Pleistocene faunal assemblage from Tritons Cave (Lleida, Catalonia).

Currently, I am the beneficiary of a PhD fellowship (PRE2020-092116) linked to the research project “Neanderthal behaviour and paleoecology in Mediterranean ecosystems” (PID2019-103987GB-C31) with the financial support of the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación from the Spanish Government.

My PhD project is titled “The use of teeth as high-resolution proxy in the study of microwear and taphonomy”, which is being supervised by Dr Florent Rivals and Dr Ruth Blasco. This research focuses on understanding the effect of the taphonomic processes on the dental occlusal surface. We will develop several experimental studies to simulate and reproduce in vitro taphonomic agents. The data obtained will be analysed using a high-resolution approach to contribute and improve the microwear studies and paleodietary reconstructions in archaeological sites.