Merino Pelaz, Amanda

PhD Student


Sponsor: FPU Ministerio de Universidades Grant

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I graduated in 2019 in Archaeology at the Complutense University (Madrid). From 2019 to 2021, I worked as a Collections Technician of the Archaeopaleontological Collection and the Comparative Anatomy Osteological Collection (COAC) at the CENIEH (Burgos). In 2022, I completed my Master’s degree in Geographic Information Technologies at the Complutense University (Madrid), specializing in GIS, programming, and spatial statistics.

I am the beneficiary of an FPU Predoctoral Fellowship (FPU21/03533), which allows me to pursue my PhD under the supervision of Josep Vallverdú and Lucía Cobo-Sánchez. My main research interest is to explore new spatial statistical approaches for analyzing the intra-site spatial organization of Paleolithic sites. My PhD thesis focuses on the spatial analysis of Abric Romaní (Capellades, Barcelona), with particular emphasis on combustion structures.