Medin, Tsegai

Affiliated Researcher


I obtained my Masters (Msc in paleontology) in 2010, from the Universitat Rovira I Virgili, Spain. Two years later, in 2012, I earned a full doctoral grant from ‘Fundacion Atapuerca’. The main focus of my doctoral research was the paleoecological relationships, the (co)variation and evolutionary trends, and the geographical dispersal patterns of large omnivorous mammal taxa (especially pigs and ursids, in relation with hominins) from the the early Pleistocene sites of Buia, Orce and Dmanisi. During this time, together with my research colleagues from IPHES, developed a new research project at the Danakil Depression of Eritrea. This is a big project (Engel Ela-Ramud Project) in Eastern Africa, in the context of the cradle of humankind, and it is one of the most important international projects partnering to IPHES. I defended my PhD in in cum laude in 2016 from the Universitat Rovira I Virgili.

Through the course of my academic life, I was affiliated to several international research projects, working in Orce, Demanisi, Incarcal…etc and still I have keen interest to continue my paleoecological studies at these sites. Starting 2016 till 2019, as part of IPHES, I involved in the Eritrean projects with research grants from Fundacion Palarq. Currently, I am research associate affiliated to IPHES and exclusively concentrated in the development of the Eritrean projects (the Engel Ella-Ramod and Buia research projects), focusing in paleolithic prehistory, Quaternary mammals, and paleoecology.