Martínez Monzón, Almudena

Affiliated Researcher


Bachelor’s degree in Biology (2015) by the University of Alcalá (Madrid, España) and Master in Research in Sciences; Speciality in Animal Biology (2016) also by the University of Alcalá.

The main goal of my doctoral dissertation "Skeletochronology of amphibians and reptiles: relationship between body size and development pattern with climate during Plio-Pleistocene in the Iberian Peninsula”, is to apply skeletochronological techniques to the fossil record of three anuran species of the Plio-Pleistocene.

My main research line is Paleoecology of amphibians and reptiles. Knowing life story traits of this groups can contribute to contextualize paleo-archaeological sites by inferring climate and providing valuable environmental information. By means of the application of skeletochronology to fossil samples I aim to get deeper into the study of seasonality.