González-Guarda, Erwin

Affiliated Researcher


I studied a Master in Paleontology and a PhD in Geology and Geological Engineering at the Complutense University of Madrid. Currently, I am developing a postdoctorate at the University of O'Higgins, Chile. In Chile, I am responsible for the Tagua Tagua Milenaria project, which aims to launch scientific and educational initiatives that help local and national development, regarding an archaeological and paleontological heritage that spans from 13,000 years to the present. My line of research is focused on the paleoecology of herbivorous mammals in Chile. The proxies I use are stable isotopes, dental micro-wear and dental calculus.

The last three articles are as follows:

2020. Rafael Labarca, Erwin González-Guarda, Álvaro Lizama-Catalán, Natalia A. Villavicencio, Jhonatan Alarcón-Muñoz, Felipe Suazo-Lara, Pablo Oyanadel-Urbina, Paula Soto, Huenchuman, Christian Salazar, Sergio Soto-Acuña and Karina E. Buldrini Taguatagua 1: New insights into the Upper Pleistocene fauna, paleoenvironment, and human subsistence in a unique lacustrine context in central Chile, Quaternary Science Reviews, in press.

2018. González-Guarda E, Petermann-Pichincura A, Tornero C, Domingo L, Agustí J, Pino M, Abarzúa AM, Capriles JM, Villavicencio N, Labarca R, Tolorza V, Sevilla P, Rivals F. Multiproxy evidence for leaf-browsing and closed habitats in extinct proboscideans (Mammalia, Proboscidea) from Central Chile. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 15(37), 9258-9263.

2017. González-Guarda, E., Domingo, L., Tornero, C., Pino, M., Fernández, M. H., Sevilla, P., Agustí, J. Late Pleistocene ecological, environmental and climatic reconstruction based on megafauna stable isotopes from northwestern Chilean Patagonia. Quaternary Science Reviews, 170, 188-202.