Garay i Palacios, Blanca

PhD Student


Sponsor: Ajuts Joan Oró per a la contractació de personal investigador predoctoral en formació - FI-AGAUR Grant


I join IPHES with a Predoctoral Fellowship (FI-AGAUR-2022). My project is called "Per Sant Martí la pinya cau del pi, i si no cau, ves-la a collir. La recol·lecció de recursos silvestres i la gestió vegetal de les últimes societats caçadores-recol·lectores i primeres agricultores i ramaderes del nord-est peninsular" and is supervised by Dra. Isabel Expósito (IPHES) and Dra. Marian Berihuete (UAB).

My PhD is focused on the use of plant resources by hunter-gatherer societies and the first agricultural groups of the northeastern Iberian Peninsula. This research will be developed from an archaeobotanical perspective, through the analysis of plant macrorest (fruits and seeds) obtained in archeological sites. Issues related to the exploitation of Triticum aestivum/turgidum/durum and the exploitation of one of the most ubiquitous families in the archaeobotanical samples but with several taphonomic uncertainties: Pinus. Even with the improvements in the methodology for the recollection of archaeobotanical material in the sites and the relevance of charcoal in the Pinus species, according to the scientific literature, it is remarkable the lack of attention that the remains of pine cones and pine nuts have received, and this fact causes that it is not possible to have a good knowledge of the distribution and the use of the carpological remains of Pinus. These identified problems will be solved through experimental archaeology by implementing different types of charring, either in closed and controlled spaces or in open fires.