Del Bove, Antonietta

Affiliated Researcher


Ph.D. candidate of paleoanthropological UCO under the supervision of Prof. Carlos Lorenzo and Dr. Antonio Profico.
My main expertise are in Geometric Morphometrics (GM) and Physical Anthropology. I am using a Geometric Morphometric approach to study the emergence of sexual dimorphic traits during ontogeny in Homo sapiens (DIMORPHO). My research interest is to apply GM methods to the study of archaeological collections using known recent collections as reference. This innovative approach overcomes problems in the study of past populations.

For what concerns my education, I graduated in Archaeology at Florence University (Italy) studying the manipulative skills in hominid fossil and modern humans. After, I completed a Master degree in Archaeological Prehistory (2015) at the same University in Florence with a thesis on the anthropological study of human remains from Grotta dello Scoglietto (Grosseto, Italy) dated back to Bronze Age period (under the supervision of Prof. Jacopo Moggi Cecchi and Prof. Fabio Martini). After that, I started a collaboration with the laboratory of the superintendence of cultural heritage Toscana (Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo) for the study of another protohistoric site called Grotta della Spinosa (GR). The next year (2017) I continued the collaboration with the Italian Institute of Prehistory and Protohistory at Florence.

As a student I partecipated at archaeological excavations in Italy such as Grotta del Romito (CS), Grotta dello Scoglietto, Isolino Virginia (Isola di Varese,VA), Lazzaretto nuovo (VE) as well as international excavation: Drimolen (South Africa), Olduvai (Tanzanìa) and Erimi-Laonin tou Porakou (Ciprus). During my bachelor and master degrees I applied a traditional approach to the study of human remains. Since 2016 I started a collaboration with Dr. Antonio Profico and I began to apply GM methods and virtual anthropology techniques to te study of osteological collections.

I joined URV thanks to fundings from Laziodisu port. number 7515 del 18-09-2017 with the project “Studio craniale di una popolazione del Lazio“, a project with secondments at Urv of Tarragona and Anthropological laboratory University of Rome la Sapienza under the supervision of prof. Carlos Lorenzo and Giorgio Manzi.
I am currently conducting various international collaborations with different universities abroad Spain: University of York (UK), University of Rome La Sapienza (IT), University of Florence (IT), University of Wien (AU) and University Autonoma of Barcelona (ES).

From 2021 I am currently in the pre-doctorate program Martì Franques Research grant program at URV and I still collaborating with IPHES-CERCA.