The 2016 Tübingen Prize for Early Prehistory and Quaternary Ecology goes to Antonio Rodríguez-Hidalgo of the IPHES

In his PhD thesis, he used ancient animal bone finds to reconstruct human strategies for getting food more than 400,000 years ago He has demonstrated that early humans were capable of abstract planning, using technology and social skills to get food

Experts from around the world will be coming to Tarragona to discuss human responses to climate change through Prehistory

There are over 70 registered researchers from countries such as Croatia, Switzerland, America and Finland

The IPHES Catalan research center and the Iranian RICHT Institute started a regular cooperation in the field of archaeology and human evolution

They will study the extinction of the last Neanderthals and the emergence of Modern humans and in the Central Zagros

Research groups

Human Palaeoecology in the Plio-Plistocene
Subsistence, technology and Human Evolution
Prehistoric Socioecology  and cultural changes
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