Neanderthals were attacked by large carnivores

It has been confirmed by a paper published in Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences based on a forensic investigation led by IPHES scientifics

The IPHES hosts a symposium between Israeli and Catalan researchers on the origin, evolution and use of the first human technologies

It will take place from the 5th to the 7th of May and has been made possible thanks to one out of only 10 grants accorded by the Generalitat for research activities between Catalonia and Israel

Researchers of IPHES has taken part in an investigation that identifies a case of ritual cannibalism about 14,500 years ago in Great Britain

The hominids that inhabited Gough’s Cave used also skulls as bowls, probably within a symbolic treatment of the bodies The research was led by researchers at the Natural History Museum of London and University College of London

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Human Palaeoecology in the Plio-Plistocene
Subsistence, technology and Human Evolution
Prehistoric Socioecology  and cultural changes
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