A catalan research team discovers the eruption mechanisms and inner structure of a 3.5-million-year-old volcano in Caldes de Malavella

To find out, the researchers have generated a 3D model, the first of its kind in this type of geological structures. Two researchers from IPHES-CERCA and URV have participated in this investigation

A current study on the Cansaladeta site confirms that it is a key place for the knowledge of the human population in the Francolí river valley 400,000 years ago

This is confirmed by the results of the first detailed techno-spatial analysis carried out on this place in La Riba, in the Alt Camp (Tarragona)

A fossil ancestor of the African painted dog is found in Dmanisi

This finding was announced today in Scientific Reports, a journal of the Nature group It was a hypercarnivorous super-predator large dog that exhibits the most developed altruistic social behavior of all carnivores

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