The dissemination of knowledge is a major area of focus of the IPHES. Socialization is the process by which individuals learn and incorporate as their own elements of the culture of their social environment. The socialization of scientific knowledge means not only the dissemination of results, but it also encompasses the need to establish strategies so that scientific results and methods are assumed by the public in order to better understand the concepts, efforts, successes and failures of scientific research. To this end, the IPHES seeks to develop mechanisms, opportunities and platforms to promote the socialization of knowledge in general, and of human evolution in particular.

Our dissemination activities include:
- IPHES-produced mobile exhibitions throughout the country
- Attendance at fairs and markets
- Television documentaries
- Editing and publishing advice
- Lectures, talks, and curated exhibitions by different members of the Institute


Our website, www.evoluciona.org, focuses on the teaching of human evolution and prehistory through socialization programmes and non-formal education, and provides further information about our activities.