Sponsorship & Donations

The IPHES mainly relies on public competitive sources to fund its projects, activities and PhD students. Therefore, our main funders are public administrations in the three levels: regional (Catalonia), state (Spain) and international (mainly European Union). IPHES seeks to complement its funding through the knowledge transfer, mainly in the form of services. However, funding from these two ways is not enough, and neither will be in the future.

So, to remain on the first international line, IPHES needs and promotes the participation of private actors in the financing of their activities, both by way of sponsorship and donations, or even by way of becoming the fourth trustee of the institution

Our main activities available for sponsorship & donations can be summarized as follows:

Field Work International Campaign IPHES carry out field work worldwide through international collaborations with the scientific teams of other countries. The most dificult to fund (and the most costly) are those campaigns organized to obtain data from Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Eritrea) and Asia (Georgia, Iran, China). This data is crucial to provide answers to the main scientific hypotheses of human migrations and colonization of the Planet.
Frontier Research Project Our transdisciplinary nature leads us to propose new hypotheses which have not been raised so far. The risk and avant-garde approach of these proposals makes it difficult to be financed by current competitive public funding, often conservative.
PhD Student Programme This program ensures the future of an already existing key research line, or even enabling to open a new one. The program primary aim is to train the youth from our country or from other countries with whom we collaborate in a specific research line.
Travelling Exhibition or TV Documentary on Human Evolution These are our star dissemination products and we already have a long experience in performing them. They help to disseminate human evolution and they contribute to expand a critical awareness of our specie. In the case of being of big format, these type of products needs more resources apart from the collaboration of media companies.
Other Dissemination Activities From “Public-oriented” to “Process-oriented”, IPHES carry out but needs help to fund and reinforce other dissemination programmes, such as Conferences/Lectures, Didactical Guides & Educational Materials for Scholars and participation in Events, Fairs & Science on Stage.
Science Education Programme Lifelong learning, scholar teaching material, training courses, short tutorials and non-formal education activities.
Science Communication Programme IPHES is very effective and has long experience in presenting science-related topics to non-experts. We act through all available platforms, such as social networks, media, blogs and the specialized www.evoluciona.org. Nevertheless, we need to improve and expand the range of knowledge of our research activities oriented to the general public.
Sponsorship of Abric Romaní Room It is the main room of IPHES. In it takes place many public and institutional events, such as scientific seminars, conferences, lectures, other public oriented meetings. This hall is also  the room where other institutional meetings from IPHES’ public trustees take place (Generalitat de Catalunya, Ajuntament de Tarragona, Universitat Rovira i Virgili).

For any further details or information please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Bernat Sentís
Projects & Transfer Unit Coordinator
e-mail: bsentis@iphes.cat
Telephone: +34 607 980 942