The IPHES hosts a symposium between Israeli and Catalan researchers on the origin, evolution and use of the first human technologies

It will take place from the 5th to the 7th of May and has been made possible thanks to one out of only 10 grants accorded by the Generalitat for research activities between Catalonia and Israel

Researchers of IPHES has taken part in an investigation that identifies a case of ritual cannibalism about 14,500 years ago in Great Britain

The hominids that inhabited Gough’s Cave used also skulls as bowls, probably within a symbolic treatment of the bodies The research was led by researchers at the Natural History Museum of London and University College of London

An extra molar is identified for the first time in an Atapuerca hominid

The presence of a fourth or extra molar in ancient populations is recognized for the first time by a scientific publication. This individual suffered dental decay, abscesses, pulpits, periodontal disease, severe dental wear and tooth pick

Orce and Atapuerca, two protagonists sites in the First Meeting with the Prehistory in Lucena

Bienvenido Martínez-Navarro and Eudald Carbonell, researchers from the IPHES, will talk about them on Saturday, March 7th.

Seminar on Conservation and Restoration in Archaeology

On Friday, 13th March, at the Institut Català d’Arqueologia Clàssica (ICAC) auditorium.

Seminar on uses, destruction and protection of the cultural heritage in times of war

On Friday, February 20th at 9:30 hrs at the Researchers Residence CSIC in Barcelona

Meeting with the archaeologist Eudald Carbonell on the future of humanity

Next Wednesday at 20 hrs. in the Metropol Cafè at Tarragona, free access At the end of the event those who wish, with advance reservation, may enjoy a dinner with the scientist in a 12 euro menu

Conference about pastoralism in Ancient Greece

By Paul Halstead, professor of Archeology at the University of Sheffield, on 9th February, at 12 pm in the ICAC

IPHES and ICAC join forces on research and museological projects on livestock and pastoralism

On February 9th and 23th a seminar will be carry out at Tarragona

Between 7,200 and 3,100 years ago humans from Sierra de Atapuerca included in their diet domestic dog, wild cat, fox and badger

As it is recorded on the evidence of culinary processing and human tooth marks In the continental Europe the consumption of these species was limited at that time