Suesta Guillén, Alfredo

PhD Student

Phone: (+34) 607 982 135



Sponsor: FPU MECD Grant


Graduated in Archeology from the Universitat de Barcelona (UB) in 2016. I completed the Master's degree of “Quaternary Archeology and Human Evolution” at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV) in 2018. During the latter, I complemented my training at the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle (Paris), expanding my knowledge in cognition through the study of hominid endocasts by 3D Geometric Morphometry techniques.

Currently, thanks to the granting of a FPU predoctoral contract (FPU2017), I am doing my PhD focusing on the study of the relationship between the evolution of the brain and the facial bone structure to stablish possible links between these changes and neotenic processes. My objective is to expand information about the mechanisms that led to the appearance and development of complex cognitive capabilities like technology, language and social behavior.