Sánchez Hernández, Carlos

Affiliated Researcher


Graduated in History from the University of Seville in 2011, I continued my education in the Master Erasmus Mundus "Quaternary and Prehistory" at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (2011-2013). I made a research stay at the Natural History Museum in Paris, where I complemented and improved my knowledge of prehistory. During these two years, my training was focused on learning and applying the technique of dental microwear on ungulates teeth under the direction of Dr. Florent Rivals. In 2015 the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness awarded me with a PhD grant (FPI) linked to the project "Snapshots of Neanderthal lifestyles: Behavioural patterns and high resolution archaeology" (HAR2013-48784-C3-1-P).

The research takes place in two different areas of the Iberian Peninsula; the Mediterranean and the Cantabrian areas. The dissertation intend to provide answers to the problematics associated with the behavioral, mobility and settlement patterns of Homo neanderthalensis through the study of the seasonality of their occupations. This process require the application of tooth microwear and cemetochronology techniques on the ungulate teeth introduced in the archaeological record by this groups. The aim of this dissertation is to test the principal hypothesis which propose than Neanderthal behavior and ecology would be differentially influenced by environmental changes in two different areas of the Iberian Peninsula.