Rodríguez Antón, David

Affiliated Researcher


Since December 2022 I am a Postdoctoral fellow Margarita Salas - UE Next Generation at UAB. My current project title is: “Socio-ecological resilience to environmental changes from the Late Glacial to the Mid-Holocene in the Iberian Mediterranean area.” It is supervised by Dr. Ermengol Gassiot (UAB), Dra. Isabel Espósito and Dra. Ethel Allué.

I am interested in different periods of Prehistory, from Pleistocene to Mid-Holocene.
I am specialist in Phytolith, Archaeobotany and Microarchaeology.

My research line is focused on cultural landscapes co-evolution at long term in Prehistory. I am especially interested to model socio-ecological systems changes and resilience, into an interdisciplinary scientific program that study the environmental impact of different human occupations and their social production.

More specifically, I focus in phytolith from temperate mountain areas. For that, I am working in extend and generate new micro botanical reference collections, specifically of phytolith to different mountain ranges and inland contexts. Also, I apply phytolith analysis as an archaeobotanical tool, combined with other proxies as pollen, NPP (non-pollen-palynomorphs), (micro and macro) charcoal, sedimentology and soil science. My sampling and dataset are collected both in site/off site occupation contexts. In addition, I am developing the integration of multi-proxy micro botanical dataset from lakes and peatbogs cores, palaeosols and archaeological sites.

From 2009 to 2014 I have worked in the Archaeology and Anthropology Department of IMF-CSIC (Barcelona) as technician of the Archaeobotany and Soils Laboratory - BioGeoPal, thanks to two consecutive public contracts funded by MICINN. From 2015 to 2020 I completed my PhD research program in Archaeological Prehistory at UAB-UdC. In 2021 and 2022 I have worked as specialist technician in UAB and UB at the ERC MULTIPALEOIBERIA. Also, I have participated in numerous international scientific projects, collaborating with research centres from different countries: Spain (CSIC, UAB, UB, UAH, UVa), France (Univ.Tlse2-CNRS), Argentina (CONICET), India (MSU) and Nicaragua (UANAM). Currently, I participate in the Olduvai Gorge Research Project (Tanzania).