Ramírez Pedraza, Iván

PhD Student


Sponsor: FI Agaur Grant


in Social and Cultural Anthropology (UAB - Autonomous University of Barcelona & UNED - National Distance Education University) and Erasmus Mundus Master in Quaternary and Prehistory (Rovira i Virgili University, Tarragona).

Currently, I am the beneficiary of a Predoctoral Fellowship (FI-AGAUR-2020) with the financial sponsorship of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Our research is titled 'High-Resolution Multi-Proxy Analyses for Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction During the Early Pleistocene in Morocco' and have been built in the frame of current funded archaeological projects in North Africa and led by Dra. M. Gema Chacon & Robert Sala (IPHES; Tarragona), Dr. Hassan Aouraghe (Université Mohamed 1er, Oujda; Morocco) and Dr. David Lefèvre (Université Paul Valéry; Montpellier) and under the supervision of Dr. Florent Rivals & Dr. Carlos Tornero.

The main goal of my doctoral dissertation is the palaeoecological and palaeoclimatic reconstruction to know the ecological context of the first hominin populations in North Africa. To achieve this objective, we will apply the methods of Stable Isotopes (plants & tooth enamel) and Tooth Wear in faunal remains.