Romano, Valéria

Postdoctoral Researcher Associate

Phone: (+34) 607 982 079



Sponsor: European Research Council Executive Agency - H2020 (ref. ERC-2015- CoG – GA 683018)

I am a PhD in Ecology and Animal Behavior, University of Strasbourg – France (2017). Postdoctoral researcher at the Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University – Japan (2017-2019) and currently a postdoctoral researcher at the COMPATHEVOL (Complex Paths on Human Evolution) research unit from the IPHES.

I am fascinated by the processes underlying social diversity and through a combination of empirical and theoretical approaches, I investigate the evolution of group structure and its link with social transmission. I am working in the project PALEODEM (Late Glacial and Postglacial Population History and Cultural Transmission in Iberia c. 15,000-8,000 cal BP; PI: Dr. Javier Fernández López de Pablo), and my activities include the application of agent-based models, network analysis, and statistical approaches to investigate the spread of technological innovations in human spatial networks from the late Paleolithic to the Late Mesolithic periods.


• Evolution of social behavior • Agent/Individual-based modelling • Social network analysis • Complex systems • Behavioral ecology


Selected publications

In press. Romano V, Martins A, Ruiz-Miranda C. Unravelling the dispersal patterns and the social drivers of natal emigration of a cooperative breeding mammal, the golden lion tamarin. American Journal of Primatology.

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2018 Romano V, Shen M, Pansanel J, MacIntosh AJJ, Sueur C. Social transmission in networks: global efficiency peaks with intermediate levels of modularity. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology. 72: 154.

2018 Sueur C, Romano V, Sosa S, Puga-Gonzalez I. 2018. Mechanisms of network evolution: a focus on socioecological factors, intermediary mechanisms, and selection pressures. Primates.

2018 Caselli C, Romano V., Ruiz-Miranda CR., Grassetto R. Voces de los primatas neotropicales: ¿suena bien? In: La primatología en Latinoamérica 2 – A primatologia na América Latina 2. (English translation: “The voices of Neotropical primates: sounds good?” In: Primatology in Latin America 2”.)

2017 Romano V. Social networks as trade-off between optimal information transmission and reduced pathogen transmission. Dissertation. Université de Strasbourg.

2017 Duboscq J, Romano V, Sueur C, MacIntosh AJJ. One step at a time in investigating relationships between self-directed behaviors and parasitological, social and environmental variables. Royal Society Open Science. 4(8):170461.

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2016 Duboscq J, Romano V, MacIntosh AJJ, Sueur C. Social information transmission in animals: Lessons from studies of diffusion. Frontiers in Psychology. 7:1147.