OmbudspersonThe IPHES-CERCA ombudsperson is an independent and duly qualified figure. Its main function is to act as a mediator or counsellor and, where appropriate, to propose solutions to conflicts related to the principles of the research integrity, misconducts, or specific cases of poor practices in the IPHES-CERCA research and its management.

The Ombudsperson is available for all IPHES-CERCA staff. He will act with total discretion and respect regarding the IPHES-CERCA people who require its action and the information that refers to it. The management will be confidential.

Inquiries, complaints, and communications should be sent in writing, via e-mail, to the Office of the Ombudsperson, via the e-mail address:

The functions, as well as the procedures for requesting and resolving conflicts, among others, are established in the internal operating regulation of the IPHES-CERCA ombudsperson.