Medin, Tsegai

PhD Student

Phone: (+34) 607 982 137


Sponsor: Fundación Atapuerca Grant

I am a PhD student in Quaternary and Prehistory at the University of Rovira I Virgili and IPHES. I got a Master degree in 2010 from the University of Rivira I Virgili (Tarragona, Spain). Currently, I am among the beneficiaries of a research fund from “The Atapuerca Foundation”.

Since the last five years I consider Human Paleoecology, environmental studies and mammal Palaeontology my future professional field. My PhD research has focused on ecological relationships, the (co)variation and evolutionary trends, and the geographical dispersal patterns of the large omnivorous mammal taxa - pigs, bears, monkeys, and hominins - as represented in a number of Early Pleistocene fossil assemblages from eastern Africa, the Levantine Corridor, the Caucasus, and southern Europe, chronologically spanning from ca. 1.8 to 1.0 Ma.