Lozano Pérez, Sergi


Phone: (+34) 607 982 079



Sponsor: Posdoctoral Ramón y Cajal MINECO Grant

I was originally trained as a Telecommunications Engineer and, actually, worked in the Industry for a couple of years. Then, I came back to Academia and got a PhD on 'Sustainability, Technology and Humanism'. My doctoral research was focused on the application of Complex Systems and Network Science to social aspects of Sustainability.

I joined IPHES in January 2012 after a 4-years postdoctoral stay at the Chair of Sociology, in Particular Modelling and Simulation of ETH Zurich. That professional period was a unique opportunity to acquire research experience on Complex Systems and Quantitative Sociology in a multidisciplinary and international environment.

As a member of the COMPATHEVOL (COMplex PAThs in Human EVOLution) research unit, the focus of my work is on the application of quantitative analysis' tools (mainly network analysis and computational modelling) to Archaeology, Palaeontology and Palaeoanthropology. Some of my current research interests include cultural transmission, technology diffusion and resilience of social-ecological systems at different moments of human evolution.