Field Projects

Cova de Valdavara

Cova de Valdavara and Valdavara 3

Cova de Valdavara and Valdavara 3 are situated in the karst located on the right bank of the river Naron (known in this area as Cruzul), one of the tributaries of the left bank of the river Navia, a

Cova Eirós

Cova Eirós

The Cova Eirós site is located in Cancelo (Triacastela, Lugo). The cave entrance is on the NNW slope of Monte Penedo in Serra do Ouribio, 780 m.a.s.l.

Guadix-Baza: Orce project

The Guadix – Baza project is devoted to the archaeology of the first human settlement in Western Europe and the palaeontology and the paleoecology of that region since the Late Pliocene.


Kura-Arax depression and Vorotan River Valley

This project aims to begin a systematic archaeological survey programme in the area between the Kura-Arax depression and the Vorotan River basin (South Caucasus) in a view to create an initial inventory of prehistoric archaeological sites and place them in a geomorphological context. Moreover, this aims to provide important data on human and faunal migration through the "Transcaucasus Corridor" during their out-of-Africa dispersal.
Vallone Inferno

Vallone Inferno

The Vallone Inferno rock-shelter is an archaeological site located in Scillato, in the Madonie mountain range, Sicily. Excavation and archaeological and palaeoenvironmental research was initiated in 2008 by an international team by the Università di Palermo and the IPHES/URV and has yielded extensive sequence from the Neolithic to the mediaeval period.