Eixea Vilanova, Aleix


Phone: (+34) 607 982 139



Sponsor: Postdoctoral Juan de la Cierva MINECO Grant

PhD in Prehistory with European Mention at the University of Valencia (Spain) in 2015. My doctoral dissertation, which obtained the maximum grade (Excellent cum laude), was an outstanding contribution to the study of technological variability in Middle Paleolithic lithic assemblages. My research focuses on technological behaviors during Middle Paleolithic in south-western Europe, spatial organization and social structure of human populations and experimental archaeology. Over the course of my active archaeological research, I believe that I have been able to make significant contributions to several major issues in Middle Paleolithic and Human Evolution studies, namely: 1) the search of small tools in Middle Paleolithic by Neanderthal populations, 2) the application of the Levallois technique to the knapping of non-flint raw materials (especially quartzite and limestone) and 3) the application of physicochemical methods to determine the circulation of raw materials through long distances. These and other topics of more localized regional interest were dealt with in over 30 publications in national and international journals.