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Unit Coordinator: Dr. Sergi Lozano

COMplex PATHs in Human EVOLution is a team-science unit (including researchers with backgrounds in archaeology, history, physics, and social sciences, among others), conducting transdisciplinary-oriented research.

Its purpose is twofold. On the one hand, it collaborates with other IPHES units by contributing new analytical tools (both mathematical and computational) to traditional lines of work at the institute in archaeology, palaeontology and prehistory. On the other hand, it develops its own lines of research into the late glacial and postglacial periods (12,500 to 2,500 uncalibrated c14 dates), especially concerning two main topics:

  a) Long-term demographic and socio-ecological processes from the statistical treatment of archaeo-palaeontological  data.

  b) Cultural dynamics through mathematical analysis and computer simulations in both prehistoric and historic periods.


Our portfolio of projects, which reflects COMPATHEVOL's efforts to broaden the trans-disciplinary approach of IPHES, includes the study of human adaptation to postglacial climatic changes from fieldwork at archaeological sites like Casa Corona and Villena; the application of network analysis to regional organization of early farming and proto-urban societies; and modelling of the spread of technology during the First Industrial Revolution in Spain.