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The Cognition Area is devoted to conducting research into the cognitive achievements that can be tracked throughout human evolution, as well as hominin complex behaviour, mainly through two branches:

1) Cognitive technology. This branch focuses on cognition through technology. At the core of this research are the technical gestures involved in technological behaviours, both in humans and other non-human primates, which may help us to understand what neural and motor mechanics activate during tool production, and how technological behaviour developed alongside human evolution.

2) Symbolic behaviour. This branch focuses on research into the graphic media of communication during prehistory, in order to gain insight into the changes in social and cultural evolution from the Upper Palaeolithic to Protohistoric times. This branch addresses the evidence on symbolic behaviour from rock and cave occurrences, and mobile and parietal art, and its archaeological context, mainly analysed from the scope of the human sciences.

Our area also collaborates with the Institut de Recerca i Estudis en Primatologia (IPRIM) (@iprimatologia) and Fundación Mona in the research of the major human cognitive traits in other non-human species, in order to know the conditions and biological and cultural circumstances that forced or facilitated such adaptations in our species.